Love Yourself

We often talk about self love but what does it actually mean? I believe that is based on an individual basis, for me self love is not only loving who I am but also loving who I am not. We must grow to accept the good and bad of who we are. Having self love isn’t thinking that you’re “better” than anyone or that you’re perfect. It’s the exact opposite it’s actually about knowing that you’re different that anyone else in this world. Which makes you one of a kind, and loving ones self helps you embrace those day to day imperfections you may have. This is what self love is all about, you’re not going to have perfect days. You’re not always going to feel 100% confident but having self love helps you know you’re good enough despite what society and the media says. Pledge to start loving yourself today! Things will change for the better once you do… me. I’m a living testimony 😊



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