Killer Khaki | Look 2

Khaki Dapper-2
Khaki Dapper-10
Khaki Dapper-8
Khaki Dapper-5
Khaki Dapper-14
Khaki Dapper-3
Khaki Dapper-13
Khaki Dapper-15
Khaki Dapper-6
Khaki Dapper-7
Khaki Dapper-12
Khaki Dapper-1

This is the second way how to style a khaki suit. Pretty traditional with the shirt, tie and tie clip. I threw my fedora on to give it some vintage flair. This suit is light and very breathable especially for the Spring and Summer time. Style way 3 (three) is coming on Wednesday. Keep you eyes out for it!! Have a great Monday!! 🙂


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