Jack Black Daily Regimen


Before you get dressed and try to style certain looks together you’ve got to be fresh and clean. One of the most important things to me is taking care of my body. You only get one, so you’ve got to treat it well. That starts with using good products and the right regimen. When I first get up in the morning, I splash cold water on my face to help me wake up and starts the process for me to apply my daily cleanser, Jack Black’s Deep Dive® Glycolic Facial Cleanser. It’s got Kaolin Clay to help draw out oil and impurities and Glycolic Acid to help wash away dead skin cells and unclog your pores. But for a good, deep-down cleansing I use it once a week as a face mask. Doing so helps keep my skin clear and helps prevent ingrown hairs after shaving.


After applying my cleanser I hop in the shower and let the hot water from the shower rinse me off. (The hot water not only aids in exfoliating by opening up my pores, but it helps soften my head hair and prepares me for an easier and much smoother shave.) I wash up with Turbo Wash® Energizing Cleanser — I could say I use it because it helps relax my muscles and that it cleans without over-drying, but it really comes down to one thing: it smells awesome. The aroma — thanks to Rosemary and Eucalyptus — wakes my senses up just as much as that splash of cold water I start my morning off with.


I have been shaving my head for three years now, and believe me when I tell you: I have learned from cuts and bumps (literally) how to shave correctly. The biggest lesson? Don’t go cheap. When I first began shaving, I used disposable razors and drugstore shaving cream. I often would cut myself no matter how careful I was and then would somehow end up with razor bumps after a day or two. The first thing I did was start shaving after showering (the hot water opens my pores and softens the hairs on my head). Next: I invested in a double safety razor, lather brush and some high-end shaving cream. The brush helps lift hairs away from your skin, making them easier to cut, and it helps to evenly lather those hard-to-reach areas. Honestly, it feels amazing when you apply it, and because of that I usually milk this process to relax a little before I shave. I then grab my double-edge safety razor and start shaving. (They may seem old school, but any dermatologist will tell you that guys who are prone to ingrown hairs should use fewer blades in their razors, not more.) It’s important to glide evenly across each section. Slow and steady does it. Use a handheld mirror to shave the back. After you shave be sure to dab your head with some alcohol to prevent razor bumps and to sanitize your dome.


The last part of my regimen is to moisturize! I have oily skin, so the idea of putting moisture on my face took some getting used to. But it’s important to know that your skin produces more oil when it’s dry (like, after you shower). So instead of avoiding them, I just had to pick the right moisturizer. I recently switched to an oil-free option — Jack Black’s Clean Break™ Oil-Free Moisturizer. It does the job without making my skin feel greasy.


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