• Reply eymi adrianza at

    always impressing me with those little details that spice any outfit like this amazing bowtie

  • Reply Heather S at

    Those shoes make the look!

  • Reply Linda Manns Linneman at

    Wow! Look at you. Looking good

  • Reply Jenn Erin at

    That blazer is on point.

  • Reply Alina at

    The tie and shoes = outstanding!

  • Reply Michelle J. at

    The shoes are fun.

  • Reply Richard Hicks at

    Like the rocking shoes and bow tie to tie it all together

  • Reply janice at


  • Reply Em Spencer at

    You always have the best shoes

  • Reply Aleno at

    that bow tie is amazing…you look dapper

  • Reply Ronald G at

    You look like you are ready for any situation that might attract you…but I am sorry I can’t go with those red shoes (I’m 63)

  • Reply sandy weinstein at

    i love those shoes, really, very dapper dresser..

  • Reply Karen Jaras at

    Not every man can pull off that fashion.

  • Reply Mia at

    Ayyyyyeee mr.davis btw everyone I’m his student

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  • Reply abbigator96 at

    I like the look!

  • Reply tima at

    that tie is ‘errthang!!!

  • Reply Meegan at

    Love the pop of red with the bow tie and shoes!

  • Reply Cahley Tod-Tims at

    The bow tie is awesome, love the design. I also think Wayfarers are such a great way to make an outfit casual and cool.

  • Reply Angella L at

    My son loves the bow tie. He is a huge bow tie fan and as a middle schooler he is bringing his own fashion to school 🙂

  • Reply Erika at

    Loving the contrast between the white buttons of the shirt & black buttons of the jacket!

  • Reply cassandra martz at

    I really like the shoes.

  • Reply Mai T. at

    A very funky bow tie!

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