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nd (78)J. Crew Shirt | Gap Lived In Slim Khaki | Hook & Albert Shoe Laces

When it comes to an accent you never want the outfit to take away from the accent or vice versa. Whether it’s shoes laces, lapel flowers, tie bars or socks it should compliment what you’re wearing not clash or over compensate! I usually like to wear dark or neutral colors with bright shoe laces! This makes the laces pop out with out taking away from the rest of your outfit. I have done the same concept with navy pants and baby blue laces. I’ve noticed the darker colors contrasts well with a light/bright colored shoe lace. I got tons of compliments on this outfit, the laces were a hit. It’s definitely a great conversation starter and even better confidence booster. If you’re feeling low or maybe just out of it, random strangers constantly noticing and complimenting your laces can build your day back up! It’s nice to be noticed for something as simple as your shoe laces, it’s means you’re doing something right. I strongly suggest looking into purchasing some laces for your wingtips, Hook & Albert have plenty to choose from!

Pick some that can go with various outfits you already have in your wardrobe, never change your closet for shoe laces. Remember they are accents to your existing style! Hope this helps fellas!
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