Good Vibes

Hello there you beautiful humans! Hope you all have had a great week, the good news is that it is FRIDAY! So you can start off this weekend with a positive attitude. Understand that whatever you went through this week is only temporary and everything happens for a reason. You may not see it now but trust me you will. Let me tell you, doing this thing called life is not easy. Bad times are destined to happen but the good thing is what is a good day without a bad day?!

A few days ago I was driving back home from Venice, Florida with my family and we hit the WORST storm I have even physically been in. I’m terrified of lightning, thunder and strong winds. We were stuck in this storm for almost two plus hours on I-95. But while in the storm, I started thinking that I am going to appreciate sunshine so much when I see it. You see, without rain we can’t appreciate the sun. Without darkness we can’t appreciate the light….it’s a duality, we need both of these things in life. Cherish the moments you have and always trust the process.



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