Floridian Floral

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nd (94)J. Crew Shirt *similar* | Chubbies Vice Shorts | Aviator Polarized Sunglasses

The weather in Venice (Florida) was amazing, it was warm with a slight beach wind. I enjoyed wearing shorts for a week, it gave me a preview to Summer! I’m looking forward to returning in July for some more beach time. It seems that floral patterns are popular in Venice, everyone from young men to elderly women were spotted in some type of floral pattern. After experiencing Venice’s shopping mecca I came to the conclusion that they love patterns and flow-y top/bottoms. The fashion seemed more about being comfortable rather than looking good which I’m all for but I love looking good and being comfortable! My biggest piece of advice is never sacrifice comfort for fashion. Find something that works for you and rock it! You are the artist and your clothes are the medium so make a masterpiece for the world to see!

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