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Today I want to speak to you about how clothes especially suits should fit. We have all seen those men in ill fitting “court date” suits, to me they scream I don’t know how this whole dress up thing works. So, let me just run to Stein Mart and get something real quick. Although places like Stein Mart have awesome clothing for men. Most men forget the one key to looking great. That one key is fitting. Look, we all have various body types and should embrace them. It’s what makes us unique and special, so you must dress for your body type. Just because you’re a larger guy doesn’t mean your suit has to be oversized! You can get a suit to fit you the way most suits are supposed to….well. If you don’t do custom suiting and you buy off the rack, I suggest finding a blazer that fits in the shoulders and chest. The sleeves and mid section can be altered to you specific taste. For me it’s important to have things fit my body right, it gives off the impression that I care because I do. When it comes to buying suit pants or any pants at that, make sure they fit in the waist and thigh. You can get a taper done if you like the legs skinnier for a more modern fit (like I have pictured in the post). Listen, don’t let your size or society get in the way of looking your very best at all times. You can look great in anything as long as the fit is right, not color, not pattern but the FIT! #StyleHasNoSize

Remember fellas they say a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men……let that sink in for minute!


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    Excellent advice for dressing with style and class!

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