Expand Your Comfort Zone

Hello all! I have teamed up with Carmex to bring you all some personal knowledge on expanding your comfort zone. Being a body positivity activist I often have to step out of my comfort zone to help spread the message of self love. We live in a world where people will encourage you to “play it safe” and not take risks. I’m here to tell you to do the opposite. Expand your comfort zone whether it be wearing that bathing suit you always wanted to wear or going after that dream job you’ve always wanted. It can even be as simple as trying a new food or a new color for your clothing. Carmex has stepped outside of their comfort zone to bring us the Carmex Comfort Care lip balm, it comes in an array of flavors and has my lips feeling silky smooth. Whatever you do to expand your comfort zone just keep being positive while living this wonderful life. Be you and be confident!

Love, Laugh and Live freely 🙂

*I was compensated by Carmex for this post, all opinions are my own.*


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