Everything Is Love ❤️💙

Here’s an insert about love from my award nominated book:

Chapter 1: Gentleman, Redefined

Love is what makes the world go around. Loving someone can change his or her life and yours. Often when people speak of love. they assume “romance”, but there are more types of love than just romantic love. Loving someone is simply showing that you care about them. We are taught at a young age to love our family, friends, and mankind. It is okay for anyone to love, whether it’s romantic or not. Love is universal, it has no color, sex, or boundaries; it is one of the most pure emotions we have as humans.

Why is love an important characteristic for being a gentlemen, though? It’s simple: because without it, you’re an butthole. Yeah, that’s right. If you can’t love, then chances are you are a mean individual, which automatically takes you out of this gentleman’s game…so good-bye and have a nice life, sir. Wait, you still want to play? You want to learn how to love? Oh, well okay. First start by loving yourself – if you can do that, then you can love anybody. Find the good in people and embrace it.

We all love for different reasons, but no one should love someone with an intention of gaining by it. Your love should be unconditional at all times. I learned about unconditional love through my aunt (my mom’s sister); when I was a kid, she would always say to us, “I love you”, and we of course would reply, “I love you too.” But the best part was when she would get close to you and say, “How much you love me?” and we always said “Uncondishy.” We (my sister, my cousins and I) were very young and clearly couldn’t pronounce unconditional correctly yet. I knew what it meant even at that age, it meant that I loved her no matter what she did or happened. If our love has conditions, then we can’t grow and accept other humans for what we are, which is imperfect beings.

We are perfectly imperfect. When we choose to love a friend, colleague, family member, or partner we have to be prepared to love them “Uncondishy” – yeah, that’s right, I’m starting a new word trend. When I say “Un” you say “Condishy” – UN-CONDISHY, UN-CONDISHY. Loving someone that way allows you to embrace their flaws just as much as their positive attributes. Don’t worry, you’ve got a lot more coming about love, so let’s leave it here for now, shall we.



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