nd (212)Elephant Print Uniqlo X Michael Bastian Polo Shirt | Gap Pants | Cole Haan Lunargrand

Elephants never forget and their old age brings them admirable wisdom. We as humans can learn so much about life, solitude, and love by simply observing how this ancient animal carries their own weight, no matter how heavy with such remarkable grace and beauty. Not only does an Elephant represent memory, empathy and compassion, there is a very strong symbolic connection of the species in different religions! In the Asian culture Elephants symbolize happiness, life longevity and good luck.

As I wear this polo shirt from the Michael Bastian X Uniqlo collection, I’m reminded to carry my weight gracefully, love strong, bring happiness and live long. We should all admire this creature for its magnificent symbolic traits! #beanelephant
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    Wow, great outfit and great blurb about elephants!

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