Dietary Supplements that Give an Added Boost

None of us want to admit we’re getting older. We are generally not okay with someone telling us we need to eat less, work out more, and, least of all, start taking dietary supplements. Age is just a number, right? So why should it matter if all of the sudden we find ourselves turning thirty and everything we read or find magically appearing in our inbox is about maintaining our health once we turn 30? Instead of being offended by the influx of insinuation, consider the benefits of taking dietary supplements. Our egos aside, the goal is to live long and healthy regardless of age.

So Many Options. What’s Best For Me?

Let’s be honest. There are way too many dietary supplements on the market to cover in this article. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that over 29,000 nutritional supplements are on the market, with more added yearly. Unhealthy lifestyles and bad food habits are residual from the glory years of our twenties. Men over thirty need to eat more dark vegetables and fruits, but the reality is this will not be accomplished by eating more kale salads and fruit bowls.

Where to begin? The most straightforward supplement to take is a multivitamin. Multivitamins generally contain 26 different vitamins and minerals and provide up to 100% of the daily recommended allowance. If you aren’t sure what your body might need, these are a great starting source.

Vitamin B helps with testosterone levels, especially since these go down as you age. Vitamin B may also help with muscle strength. In addition, it might aid with cognitive health as well as helping to reduce stress.

Collagen supplements are popular in the quest to stay young and healthy. Early stages of research suggest collagen and Vitamin C might help in strengthening ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Athletes might even enjoy a boost in athletic performance.

Another testosterone-boosting supplement for men is Vitamin D. In addition to the potential for waning libido, low Vitamin D levels can lead to other health issues, including sleep apnea and fatigue. While calcium keeps the bones strong, Vitamin D ensures proper calcium absorption. Taken together with a calcium supplement, Vitamin D helps keep the heart and bones healthy.  

While not typically considered a conventional dietary supplement, CBD tablets are a perfect addition to bolster overall wellbeing. Tablets are chewable and help address issues related to sleep, stress, inflammation, blood pressure, headaches, and joint and muscle aches. These tablets serve to manage any number of issues and are legal to use as they do not contain THC, which can cause psychoactive effects.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that improve digestive health, reduce depression, and promote a healthy gut. Probiotics seem to be everywhere, including in yogurt, kefir, and pickles, among many other foods. There is an additional benefit for urinary tract and prostate health for men. The simple way to ensure the consumption of probiotics is by taking a daily supplement.

The list of supplements is endless. Magnesium is ideal for energy and bone health. Selenium helps produce white blood cells, which aid in immunity and fighting off infection. It is also necessary for healthy sperm production. Need a stress reducer that supports your immune system? Zinc is ideal and is generally not supported at adequate levels in our diets since our body can’t store it, making it an essential supplement for men to consider taking.

The Long and Short of It

The benefits of staying healthy through diet, exercise, and moderation are undisputed. While you were likely pleased not to receive vitamins as a holiday gift, the addition of supplements can play an essential role in ensuring your body’s ability to keep up with the daily grind and even offer an added boost. Like anything, it’s always best to consult with your physician before making drastic changes to your diet, including dietary supplements. Age is just a number. Each of us has our own unique needs we need to “supplement.” Ultimately, how well we take care of our minds and bodies will ensure the birthdays keep on coming. Dietary supplements are just a tiny part of helping us to achieve those goals. Figuring out the best combination your body needs will keep you on the long road to a healthy tomorrow.

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