Dapperly Driven

Recently I had the opportunity to drive the 2018 Toyota Camry XSE, this car did not disappoint. I know what you’re thinking….”Kelvin, this is a Camry! How great can it be?!” It’s not just your ordinary mid 90’s Camry. Toyota has revamped it’s appearance and the way it drives. This car rivals some of the hottest vehicles out right now. The red leather seats, bluetooth, JBL speaker system are all just a few qualities that make this car stand out.

Honestly, the car fits my persona quite well. You judge it by the name but when you see it…..you see what all the hype is about. I took this car on a joy ride to Savannah, GA for a weekend getaway. The speed is incredible, on top of that the smoothness of the acceleration has you begging for more. As you can see my outfits matched very well with the car itself, making it more of a reason why our personas are alike. Needless to say but my mind has completely done a 360 about the way I view Toyota especially the Camry! This car is truly a game changer for them, can’t wait for my next joy ride!!

*Toyota provided compensation for this trip and content. All opinions stated in this post are my own.*


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    Kelvin, I’m not in the market for a new car, unless you are planning a giveaway (hint, lol). No seriously, great review. I agree nowadays the brands that have been around and established are coming up with some great cars. Everyone is not in the market for the Mercedes and BMW, so this is a much more economical option.

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