Chambray n’ White Denim

nd (87)H&M Chambray Shirt *similar* | American Apparel Grey V-Neck | Levi’s 511 White Jeans

Earlier this week I went to grab some coffee from my favorite spot in town (drip coffee) my patience was tested with the human race. A group of three young (newly college graduate) girls approached the counter to order some coffee. They paused for minutes before responding to anything the barista had to say. To get a visual of this imagine you’re waiting in line during your lunch break and the only thing that’s holding you up is three girls playing on their cell phone while attempting to order something.

Thank goodness for them I had already ordered and was waiting for my coffee. The aggravated looks of the customers said everything I was thinking, they held up the line for about 10-15 minutes mumbling back and forth about what they wanted to eat. Not giving a single bit of consideration for others and their time. As they attempt to order they sound as if they are half drunk because they can not multi-task texting and listening at the same time!!! WHY CAN”T YOU PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY FOR A FEW SECONDS and FOCUS ON ORDERING YOUR FOOD?! It’s not that hard at all, it’s actually easy and shows that you have some manners. After ordering and paying for their food they walk away as if they owned the place, absolutely oblivious to what they were doing! Go figure, I can’t imagine they would care either. So my advice for today is don’t text while trying to order food anywhere, we think we can do it. But at the end of the day we look rude and incompetent of ordering a side with our chicken humus wrap. Just don’t be that person ever, there’s a special place in hell for people like that (joking face).

Now on to the next white denim outfit! This look is a more casual ready for the weekend type of look but none the less stylish. A simple grey v-neck with a light denim shirt and chambray shoes to bring that casual look!nd (93)
nd (92)
nd (89)
nd (90)
nd (88)
nd (86)
nd (91)

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