Camo Pants and Zerogrands

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nd (5)Cole Haan has recently released the lightest dress shoe ever. Weighing in at a whopping 290 grams (roughly about .6 lbs or 9 oz). This shoe not only looks great but offers many benefits; one is the lasered perforated holes which serve many purposes one being to eliminate unnecessary fabric to make the shoe lighter, also used to let air or water through your shoe. The final and most coolest part about the lasered holes is the ability to see your socks! Your socks and shoes become one, the color of your socks can accent your shoe. I’m wearing yellow ninja turtle socks today.

Now on to the durability and comfortabilty, it has the look of a sneaker because it feels like you’re wearing one. I truly believe you could exercise in these with no problem; they are actually more comfortable than my running shoes I own. Your feet move with the shoe, you forget that you’re wearing a shoe until you look down and see your awesome socks shining through the holes in the shoe. All in all Cole Haan hit a home run with the Lunargrand but they changed the game with the Zerogrand! Ultra light comfort in a dress shoe! Yeah, it can’t get any better than that fellas. They come in two different styles and five colorways, update your game and purchase these gems here.
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