Brackish Bow Ties X ND


I recently found out about Brackish Bow Ties while attending an event during the University of South Carolina’s fashion week. I was in random conversation with a total fashionista stranger when I expressed to her my obsession with unique one of a kind bow ties. She began to tell me about this company called Brackish Bow Ties! They are based out of Charleston SC, and they hand make bow ties using real feathers (turkey, rooster, and peacock). I know it sounds strange but these aren’t you average bow ties, they are specialty hand-made ties that are unique because no two are identical! Each one is carefully crafted by a trained artisan and has your own identity attached to it, that should make you feel special! They have a range of different bow ties from as subtle as the original to as eccentric as the peacock! None of these bow ties are enhanced with color dye or picture filters, what you see is what you get! And what you get is a beautiful hand-made natural color infested bow tie that fits your unique self defined identity. Not to mention BILL MURRAY wore one to the Oscars! Now I have the awesome opportunity to collaborate with this company and wear the “Big Spur” (pictured above and below). A post of me wearing this jewel will come in a few weeks! In the mean time in between time head over to Brackish Bow Ties  and view their collection! You will thank me later!


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