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nd (123) nd (132) Brackish Big Spur” Bow Tie | J. Crew Shirt | Dockers Alpha Khaki | Cole Haan Air Colton

Brackish Bow Ties is company located in Charleston, SC, that specializes in hand-made feather bow ties! And needless to say they look absolutely AMAZING! When you order a Brackish Bow Tie not only are you getting a one of a kind tie hand-made for just you, you also receive an amazing package presentation. The package comes with a lovely card in an envelope with your name hand written on it. Inside the card is a hand written message thanking you for choosing Brackish!

Then the fun part comes as your anticipation level gets higher and higher, underneath the perfectly placed bubble wrap is a wooden storage box. Each wooden box is hand branded with the signature “B” logo representing Brackish. The box has the uniquely hand crafted feather bow tie sitting perfectly on top of a burlap wrapped interior. The presentation is as astonishing a the bow tie! The colors pop out at you as if they were trying to speak to you saying “I’m here, put me on now!” The tie is nothing short of perfection, what makes this company so amazing to me is the emphasis on the individual customer. Yeah, any body can go get a generic bow tie from just about any where that sells men’s clothing. But that wasn’t made for specifically you, its generic meaning it’s for everyone (has no individual element). Brackish on the other hand has the exact opposite, meaning no two Brackish Bow Ties are identical! Each tie is carefully hand crafted by a trained artisan using real feathers (turkey, rooster, and peacock) which gives each tie individuality to the customer!

On top of that you receive the “Red Carpet” package treatment which includes a personalized hand written card thanking you for your business, a hand branded wooden storage box in lined with burlap, instructions on how to take care of the bow tie when in or not in use, and a beautiful hand-made natural color infested bow tie that fits your unique self defined identity. Honestly….it can’t get any better than that. So I strongly advise you to head over to Brackish Bow Ties and browse through their collection, pick a tie you like and order it. You will not be disappointed…..TRUST ME!

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