Bouq Lovin’

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nd (106)Flowers are a way to every woman’s heart. Flowers can say I’m sorry, I love you or even just a nice gesture for someone in need of some high spirits. I love this online flower company The Bouqs, short for (bouquets) they have tons of flowers ranging in a wide variety of colors and sizes! These flowers are handpicked from the side of an active volcano in South America making them uniquely fresh and simple! I recently ordered The Peace Bouq for my wife who is currently pregnant with our second child! She has been a trooper through all this morning sickness nonsense and she has kept the house hold down while doing so. It was only necessary for me to shower her with flowers! My shopping experience with The Bouqs was fast, simple and most of all satisfactory! You have many options of flowers in three size sets from original (12 flowers), deluxe (24 flowers) and grand (36 flowers). I went with deluxe size in The Peace Bouq and I used the personalized note option to write a little something sweet to my wife! Fellas, as a fellow-man I feel obliged to tell you STOP GOING TO OVER PRICED FLOWER SHOPS! Head over to and order some flowers for someone you love, it’s fast, simple, free shipping and you get the option to personalize it…..even better they can drop them right at the address you provide via checkout! It just doesn’t get any better than this. I’m a strong fan of this company and they will keep my marriage happy, mother and mother in law happy as well!nd (116)
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  • Reply Guy Overboard at

    The shoes are amazing!!!

  • Reply BougieHippie at

    Brilliant touch with the flowers & bag!

  • Reply Jenn Erin at

    That tie… and those shoes! Amazing!

  • Reply janice at

    great shoes!

  • Reply courtney b at

    yp i love the shoes. so nice to see a guy with style for once!!!!!!!

  • Reply Alina at

    The shoes!

  • Reply Michelle J. at

    The flowers make the outfit.

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