Blush Through

Tolerance is a virtue; when one is tolerant of others then they can live freely. We live in a world where millions of people have different religious views, sexual orientations, and ways of living their own life. We cannot be distracted by all the negativity and forget to be tolerant of one another. Just because someone loves differently than you does not mean you should judge them, shame them, or attack them. We have seen what intolerance can do to a country. It can hurt or kill, and it can damage an entire society.

We have to rise above and promote the tolerance of our differences. It’s the only way we can function as a world, we are not always going to see eye to eye or listen ear to ear. But we can agree to live our lives the way we want to without anyone telling us the opposite. Let other people do them, while you do you. It’s that simple; keep it one hundred percent all day long. Tolerance can set us free, when we learn to be tolerant of others then we can truly live as one.


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