Beach Vacation Packing Guide for the Guys

Now that the holidays are over and the new year is here, I’m already thinking about vacation. The first part of the year always feels a little slow, so if you’re planning a beach vacation or a quick weekend getaway, this post might get you in the mood. I always find that my style relaxes when I go on vacation, because let’s face it, who wants to wear stuffy clothes to relax?

Additionally, it shouldn’t be up to my wife to remember to pack my toothbrush, my favorite shirt, or my aftershave. I can be responsible, and if you’re used to someone else ensuring that your suitcase has everything you need, here’s my beach vacation packing guide for the guys. Sadly, I can’t be there to make sure you put everything in your luggage, so this quick list will need to suffice.

Weather Appropriate Clothes

Check the weather at your destination before you go on vacation. Additionally, check the weather for where you live as well. You may need a heavy coat before you hop on a plane to paradise and something warm to wear when you return. While the lady in your life will probably get by with a suitcase full of long beach dresses and a swimsuit, you’ll need a little more than that in your suitcase. Warm weather calls for shorts, lightweight shirts, swimsuits, and maybe something for the evening. You can probably get by with a simple button up shirt, unless you’re planning a formal dinner out while you’re away.

All the Shoes

Okay, maybe just a few pairs. For a short weekend away, plan to bring only 2 pairs of shoes. Something for the beach and something for walking around. Some guys like sneakers while others will dress a little nicer and wear a pair of loafers. It’s up to you. If you plan to do a significant amount of walking, then go for something comfortable

You’ll want sandals of some sort because who walks on the beach in nice shoes? And you may want to bring along a pair of sneakers if you plan to walk a lot during your short stay. I love bringing loafers for short walks and a good pair of kicks for those days we plan to get in a lot of steps. The loafers are also a nice addition to evening wear and can easily be dressed up.

Body Care

You’re going to need at minimum, deodorant, and at most all your grooming products. If you use special shampoo, lotions, shave cream, and aftershave, you’ll want to pack all of those along with a razor. I know you can get most of these things when you get to your destination, but it’s always nice to have your favorites with you.


Protect your skin. Many stores are starting to carry sunscreen in preparation for spring break, so you should be able to find something. The prices for this at many resorts is much higher than the stores. SO pick it up and pack it before you go.


Are you a watch a movie on the tablet kind of guy, or do you prefer to read a book? No matter what your kind of relaxation looks like, make sure you bring your favorite electronics and their cables. There is nothing worse than the battery running out and you realizing you didn’t bring the charger cord. Additionally, if you need to bring along a little work when you go off on your vacation, don’t forget your laptop and charger for that as well.


Did you pack on a few extra pounds over the holidays? It might help for you to try on your swim trunks before you head off on your beach vacation. If they are a little snug, it’s okay to pick up a new pair. Wear something you feel confident in even if it happens to be a size larger than you wear right now.

Packing for a beach vacation doesn’t need to take long and you don’t need to rely on someone else to make it happen. You need the basics of clothes, swimwear, shoes, deodorant, your necessary electronics, some sunscreen, and don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste.

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