A Gentleman’s Summer Travel Essentials

We are in the throes of summer and the dog days of late July and August are right around the corner. For many of us, that means getting out of town for a relaxing vacation to try and get through the summer season as relaxed and refreshed as possible. On top of the numerous mental and physical health benefits of vacation, it’s a chance to add a few pieces to our wardrobes to ensure we’re selfie-ready at all times on our getaway. You may feel like you’ve achieved the perfect collection in your wardrobe at this point, but why not treat yourself to a few new pieces you’ll use and enjoy summer in style? 

Flattering Swimwear 

While it’s easy to feel like the focus is solely on women regarding swimwear marketing and advertisements, it’s just as crucial for men to feel attractive in their swim attire. If you haven’t already found your swimwear favorite to match your style, there are many from which to choose.

While some men still feel most comfortable in trunks, plenty more are opting for brief-style swimwear too. If you are settled on the trunk style, opt for a more polished look and go with a shorter inseam – think 5 to 6″ versus the knee-length trunk style of the nineties and early aughts. When it comes to brief, don’t be limited by dated views on what the “perfect” body is. If you feel most confident in a pair of Speedos, you do you!

Summer Suits 

Especially if you live in the South, you know that temperatures and humidity can get the best of even the most happy-go-lucky person and the idea of wearing a suit during the summer seems uncomfortable. But, summer is also the season of various invites to garden parties and BBQs where you’ll want a summer suit.

Investing in a suit for warmer weather for your vacation will pay off as you’ll have a go-to outfit for said invites. You want to focus on breathable fabrics like linen or 100% cotton and ensure you’ve got several men’s undershirts to keep sweat in the heat at bay. Top of your look with a straw hat or another style you fancy to protect your delicate facial skin from the harsh sun.

Sturdy Sandals 

Most vacations involve a moderate to high amount of exploration. One of the most fun things about traveling is strolling the streets, popping in local shops, and eating at local restaurants. In cooler weather, you’re comfortable in your favorite boots or athletic shoes, but when it’s hotter than Hades outside, you want your feet to breathe. A high-quality leather sandal is a must for any gentleman’s vacation. Opting for a neutral like brown or black will ensure that your sandals go with virtually every outfit you pack for the trip and keep you comfortable during all your excursions.

So Fresh & So Clean

Let’s face it, with the summer heat comes a lot of perspiration for most of us. Make sure you pack everything that will keep you looking and feeling sharp. Baby wipes are a great item to have in your day bag or at least back at the hotel to freshen up in a pinch. Pack a deodorant that goes on invisibly, so you don’t have any streaks on your clothes as you change throughout the day either. Cologne is another way to make a good impression on people you meet along the way and smell sweet for your traveling companion. These are all a must for any gentleman on the go.

Coordinate Clothes 

Whether you’re into traveling like a minimalist or just want a breezy packing experience, bringing along items that coordinate with each other is essential for the laid-back gentleman. Look in your wardrobe and select pieces easily interchangeable with one another and make those the meat of your packing list. You can reduce decision fatigue while traveling and save your thinking about where to go, what to eat and how late you’ll stay out dancing. 

Traveling is a great way to reset during the summer and make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re traveling solo or with your family, stay looking sharp by making sure the above essentials are in your suitcase. Happy Trails!

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