Expand Your Comfort Zone

Hello all! I have teamed up with Carmex to bring you all some personal knowledge on expanding your comfort zone. Being a body positivity activist I often have to step out of my comfort zone to help spread the message of self love. We live in a world where people will encourage you to “play it safe” and not take risks. I’m here to tell you to do the opposite. Expand your comfort zone whether it be wearing that bathing suit you always wanted to wear or going after that dream job you’ve always wanted. It can even be as simple as trying a new food or a new color for your clothing. Carmex has stepped outside of their comfort zone to bring us the Carmex Comfort Care lip balm, it comes in an array of flavors and has my lips feeling silky smooth. Whatever you do to expand your comfort zone just keep being positive while living this wonderful life. Be you and be confident!

Love, Laugh and Live freely 🙂

*I was compensated by Carmex for this post, all opinions are my own.*


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Magic Carpet Fly

When I think of a magic carpet, my brain automatically jumps to Disney’s Aladdin. I would have never imagined making shoes out of carpets, but that’s what Artemis Design Company does. They do what most people don’t think about. Turning beautiful unique Turkish flying carpets into one of kind pieces of art that we can wear on our feet (Kilim loafers). Each pair is one of one so when you purchase it, you know you have the only pair in the world. It resonates to how special and unique we all are as individuals! There is only one of us, so naturally having an item that fits that same mold is a must. Every pair is handmade adding that that extra special topping to the process. I mean how original do I look in this outfit? I would say, very!!


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Concrete Safari


Wearing denim on denim can be hard for some guys to pull off but I have a little secret. The secret to pulling this off is to wear two different denims, here I have on a rugged medium/light wash jean jacket and grey denim jeans. What this does is break up the denim into two separate pieces. We have all heard of the term Canadian tuxedo but truth is you can look stylish in one. Also keep in mind when you are sporting denim on denim always choose a solid colored shirt! A solid colored shirt helps break up the denims as well, the shoes can go anyway from dressy to casual. That all depends on what you’re feeling at the moment. For me, I decided to go with my new Zebra Yeezy 350 V2’s, I was so happy to win these in a giveaway. Some of us get lucky with the Yeezy and some don’t. I personally can attest to how difficult it is to get a pair of these gems but when you get them it feels awesome! Don’t be afraid to rock a Canadian tuxedo……just keep in mind the advice I mentioned above and you will be A OKAY!! 🙂


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Flamingo Fly

Today I want to speak to you about how clothes especially suits should fit. We have all seen those men in ill fitting “court date” suits, to me they scream I don’t know how this whole dress up thing works. So, let me just run to Stein Mart and get something real quick. Although places like Stein Mart have awesome clothing for men. Most men forget the one key to looking great. That one key is fitting. Look, we all have various body types and should embrace them. It’s what makes us unique and special, so you must dress for your body type. Just because you’re a larger guy doesn’t mean your suit has to be oversized! You can get a suit to fit you the way most suits are supposed to….well. If you don’t do custom suiting and you buy off the rack, I suggest finding a blazer that fits in the shoulders and chest. The sleeves and mid section can be altered to you specific taste. For me it’s important to have things fit my body right, it gives off the impression that I care because I do. When it comes to buying suit pants or any pants at that, make sure they fit in the waist and thigh. You can get a taper done if you like the legs skinnier for a more modern fit (like I have pictured in the post). Listen, don’t let your size or society get in the way of looking your very best at all times. You can look great in anything as long as the fit is right, not color, not pattern but the FIT! #StyleHasNoSize

Remember fellas they say a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men……let that sink in for minute!


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