Cognac Monk


Being a gentleman is more than just dressing the part. You have to own who you are as a man. Style is just one of those steps, what separates a man from a boy is how he reacts to certain situations, how he dresses for certain occasions and how he talks to certain people. All these things come with time and experience. We as men are not perfect nor will we ever be but we can always put our right foot forward. When you dress for a dinner party, wedding or black tie event you always want to have that ace card with you. I call it that cause it’s a good talking point, whether it be your shoes, tie, socks or shirt wear something that makes you feel good and starts a conversation. I mean a lot of conversations have started by saying “Hey! I love those shoes!”. The ones I’m wearing with this blue suit is Stacy Adams Madison Monk Strap. Elegant yet bold, the Madison II Monk Strap Wingtip features a floral print leather upper that brings your dress shoes to the next level. This unique wingtip pairs easily with your favorite jeans or sports coat for a sophisticated look. Be sure to shop them below and always stay dapper 🙂


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Key To Style


DJ Khaled always speaks of a major key. My major key is being a gentlemen and having decent style. Style is one’s way of expressing there personality without having to speak. Your clothes can speak volumes about who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. A suit says I mean business and I’m here to show you that. Beach wear says your ready for some beach relaxation and adventures. Style is a major key. Make sure you use your key wisely it can open many doors you would have never been able to open before!


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Very Perry


I teamed up with GQ and Perry Ellis to bring you a look at their new collection. I was one of the many exquisite male bloggers chosen to represent the brand’s 100 pieces perry campaign. I hope you all like this look. You can shop it right below 🙂 Have a great Sunday!! Get some rest and stay blessed! #STRONG


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Send My Love


This election was insane but I’m glad it’s over. I know I’m not the only one that is in disbelief for the outcome but whether or not who is out President we have got to treat each other with love and respect. We are American’s a melting pot of races, cultures, religions and classes. We must come together and work on making America the united place it should be. Always chose love over hate and smile it will make someones day 🙂 #imstillwithher


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