Sometimes in life we need a boost whether it be physically or emotionally we can all benefit from a little help along the path of success. When you choose to be successful you will need to have determination, a strong mind and a great support system. The kind of support that helps you move forward when you have a set back. My grandma often tells me that “a set back is nothing but a set up for a comeback”. I live by those words because when you think about it…..it’s true. We all have set backs minor or major that can hinder our motivation on this journey. Receiving that great advice, hug or someone to listen to you vent gives us that boost we need to comeback from that set back. Always remember nothing in life that is easy is worth working hard for, if your goal was easy then everyone could do it. It’s hard because it was made for you, just believe in yourself and trust the process 🙂


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ND X VineyardVines|Happy July 4th


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Green Machine


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