Kelvin. 29.

Notoriously Dapper is a body positive men’s fashion blog that displays daily looks to inspire all men to embrace who they are. I started this blog after a shopping trip that unfortunately left a bad taste in my mouth. Ever since then I have vowed to never feel that insecure or ashamed of my size again! I started posting outfit looks to inspire and show men of size that you can be stylish regardless of our sometimes limitations when shopping or viewing clothing advertisements.

As an artist I view fashion as an outlet. It is one’s way of expressing themselves to the world. Your body is the blank canvas and your clothes are the medium. Whether it be the shirt, pants, shoes or accessories worn; the outfit is the art making process and the final product is your fashionable creation.

In this blog you will find a daily look book of my personal style. I believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; so feel free to get inspired and take risks. Thank you for your support!!

-Notoriously Dapper

“Very well-known for dressing in attractive clothing.”