#WFW X Addie (My Grandma)

nd (145)Hello everyone! Meet my 82 year old Grandma Addie! She looks like a shiny ray of sunshine and her personality matches it to the tee. My grandma has been through lots of struggles in her 82 year life but NOTHING has stopped her from prevailing. She brightens everyone’s day with her passionate poise, clean humor and strong presence. This past weekend she came to visit me and she looked stylish as always so I had to get some shots of her for my “Women’s Fashion Wednesday” post! I love this lady very dearly and if you’re reading this……stop, grab the phone and call your grand parent. They often have great life advice and love to hear from you! Now sing with me……”I’ve got sunshineeeeee on a cloudy dayyyyyyy“, you should know the rest 🙂
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  1. Jenn Erin October 1, 2014

    Love it! So bright and happy!

  2. Melanie B December 14, 2015

    Lovely in yellow! Thanks for sharing


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