Fresh ‘n’ Clean


Sometimes you just need to break out the white jeans and pray they don’t get dirty when you’re out. There is nothing more versatile than white jeans! You can dress them to the part of whatever you would like from dressy to casual the outfit combinations are endless. Wearing white jeans also gives the perception that you are very confident as a man because it takes a lot guts to rock white denim especially the correct way. If you want to dress it up simply throw on a blazer and tuck in the shirt. Wear a belt that matches the color of your shoes. Brown shoes equals brown belt. Black shoes equals black belt. Now, this combo can be alternated depending on the shade of brown or black you are sporting at the time. Whatever you decide to do with white denim just make sure YOU feel comfortable with it. That’s what matters the most anyway!! #BeYouBeConfident


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Friday Finale

nd (79)J. Crew Linen Shirt | Levi’s 511 White Jeans | Cole Haan Lunargrand

Here is the final look of white denim week! I started the week jumping and now I’m ending the week jumping! Thank you all for viewing, sharing, following and supporting my blog, without you I wouldn’t be able to reach the amount of people I do! I hope you have a great weekend, remember to hug and kiss your pops this Sunday! Happy Father’s Day weekend to all the men out there taking care of their kids 🙂 #happyfathersday #dadsrocks
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