Leather Weather


Today’s leather forecast is black with a 90% chance of style. Something about a leather jacket makes me feel so cool like James Dean, it can transform you from average to a bad ass instantly. Leather jacket, denim, boots and sunglasses are ALWAYS a hit…when in doubt always use that combination it will never fail you. Leather jackets can’t be worn everyday you need to break them out for special occasions or rare days so when you do rock it it’s a bit of a shocker (in a good way). Despite your size or how you think you look wear a leather jacket and if you don’t have enough cash flow to purchase a real one it’s totally okay to rock a faux leather jacket! Who gives a shit and people that do care tell them it’s none of their business, never worry about what the next man is doing. Do you and do you to the best. Screw everything else, love yourself, ignore the haters and wear what makes YOU feel confident! All day 🙂 #LeatherForAllSizes


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Blues Clues


My wife got me this sweater for Christmas, when I saw it the “Blue Clues” theme song started playing in my head. Childhood memories are the best, we often reminisce on awesome things that occurred during our younger times. When we get older we tend to have comfort in items that bring back that memory it’s our safe haven. We feel some kind of connection with a piece clothing simply because it may bring back a memory of a color we liked as a kid or even a toy we played with. It’s always a good thing to have some sort of good memory about your childhood, I guess that’s what they mean when they say “never grow up be a big kid”! It helps keep things in perspective while also having a remembrance of moments that can bring joy to your heart 🙂


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Turtle Neck Strong


I haven’t rocked a turtle neck since grade school! It’s so nostalgic to wear one and feel so comfortable…..next is overalls. I remember as a kid my sister and I had matching red Tommy Hilfiger turtle necks with black denim overalls. That looked so fly to me……a part of me wishes some of the styles from the 90’s would makes a strong comeback. Fashion is forever evolving and eventually overalls will be one the hottest things around again and no will be able to deny such an amazing throwback item. Be sure to shop some of my favorite turtle necks below!! Hope your 2017 is going well so far! 🙂 #TurtleNeck2017


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Phunky Phresh Dressed | NYE


Today is New Years Eve and whatever you’re plans are just be sure you’re dressed the part while drinking responsibly. The best thing about a New Year is leaving all the negative vibes from the previous year behind while taking the positive’s in with you. I prefer to always wear a darker suit whether it be blue, grey or black because it blends in nicely with the theme of New Years. If you have a plan to attend an event make sure you’re dress appropriately and be a gentleman. I hope you all ring in the new year with some style and great resolutions!! Happy New Years to all of you! Bring it on 2017 🙂 #PhunkyPhreshDressed

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