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Joggers are made for weekend comfort…….wearing suits and shirts tucked in with chinos can get tiring throughout the week. So when Friday comes, I’m weekend ready for relaxation and family time!! I like to wear joggers with a tee and oxford as an over shirt! It completes the outfit and also adds a little casual dapperness to your sporty bottom half. Tell me how you get ready for the weekend……whether it be relaxing with your family, having a drink or binge watching house of cards *cough cough* (I do all these things).

Hope you all have a great relaxing weekend!!

Take Flight With Ace Rivington

nd (31)Beau Lawrence has been working in the fashion industry for sixteen years and chances are you own or know someone who owns a pair of jeans he has designed. Beau recently launched his own company called Ace Rivington selling the finest quality mens apparel. The first product of Ace Rivington is the Homespun French Terry Sweatshirt! Soft and warming to the touch, this sweatshirt offers great quality, detailed stitching and comfort that can be worn from sun up to sun down. When I first received this sweatshirt I was most impressed with the quality, fabric construction and that it’s made right here in the USA! It’s soft but light enough to wear on a warm day but also thick enough to fight the cold winter weather, the balance is absolutely perfect. Beau has nailed this concept completely for men in search of that staple that will NEVER go out of style. Ace Rivington is an amazing American brand and they are just getting started! On their Instagram they have shown previews to jeans, tailored blazers and accessories for men. You always have a chance to win wardrobe updating prizes just by simply posting pictures using #acerivington!!!

The Ace Rivington Homespun French Terry Sweatshirt comes in 7 different colorways in sizes from S all the way through XXL. So no matter your size, build or shirt color preference you can find the perfect sweatshirt. Be sure to check out for your Fall/Winter sweatshirt sartorial conundrum and trust me when I say……you will truly fall in love with Ace Rivington!nd (10)
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Nineteen Eighty Eight

nd (220)Acid Wash Denim Shirt | Chubbies Shorts | Cole Haan Lunargrands

The year 1988 was a fun year and time for music and fashion. People love throwing 80’s parties and listening to 80’s music. A lot of the trends from that time are coming back with a vengeance nowadays! Acid wash, above the knee shorts for men, wayfarers, aviators, neon colored clothing and high-waisted pants for women. This is a perfect opportunity to time travel back to ’88 and live life carefree. As the Cool Kids put it “do the smurf, do the wop, baseball bat…..rooftop, like I’m bringing ’88 back”.
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