Independence Style

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY everyone! I hope you all are relaxing on your day off and for those of you still working I hope you have a great time when you get off. For those who don’t know July 4th is a big holiday in the great ole’ US of A. Tons of people around the country barbecue their favorite meats, go on vacation to some beach or simply spend time with their family. Whatever they decide to do it’s all in the great fun so celebrating this beautiful country of ours. Yes, we have quite a few issues right now, but on days like this you see people from all over hanging out with one another in love. Red, white and blue is what I’m proud to represent. I hope you all are digging my July 4th style today….and the pretty awesome wall to match the theme. Happy 4th y’all. Be safe and stay beautiful 🙂


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Cotton Candy

I feel like a stylish piece of cotton candy. As you all know I am not afraid of wearing color on anyway, I believe color brightens our soul and spirits. You just have to know how to wear them together, you don’t want to look like a clown. You want to look stylish and sophisticated but also fun. I suggest every guy have some color in their closet, it will not only brighten up your wardrobe but also brighten you up personally. On days where I’m feeling down or not like myself, color actually helps me feel more vibrant! Color can save us in ways we can’t even imagine. It’s all in our mental subconscious, color has a certain psychology to it. Pink makes us feel happiness, love and warmth. While blue can make us feel sad or depressed. Color play is all in the beauty of science and fashion, don’t be afraid to take a color risk. If you want to look like the human form of cotton candy DO IT, I DID! I look and feel great 🙂  #CandiedClothing #ModernGentleman


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Magic Carpet Fly

When I think of a magic carpet, my brain automatically jumps to Disney’s Aladdin. I would have never imagined making shoes out of carpets, but that’s what Artemis Design Company does. They do what most people don’t think about. Turning beautiful unique Turkish flying carpets into one of kind pieces of art that we can wear on our feet (Kilim loafers). Each pair is one of one so when you purchase it, you know you have the only pair in the world. It resonates to how special and unique we all are as individuals! There is only one of us, so naturally having an item that fits that same mold is a must. Every pair is handmade adding that that extra special topping to the process. I mean how original do I look in this outfit? I would say, very!!


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5 Tips To Becoming Body Confident


Today I want to share with you 5 tips to start your journey to self love!

Tip 1: Find something you are confident in. For me I have always been confident in my ability to have style. I found a lot of my confidence through clothes and continue to love myself through my own personal style. Wear what makes you comfortable and happy. Remember clothing has sizes but style does not!

Tip 2: Look in the mirror and own who you are. As you can see in the video short above, that is me owning my body in the mirror. Knowing that my body is good enough the way it is. You are 100% original, you can not be duplicated and that’s what makes you beautiful.

Tip 3: Surround yourself with positive people. On this Journey to self love you will have negative moments where you don’t feel 100% confident and that’s okay. We all have good and bad body days but it is important to that positive boost we all need to get out of our funk and move forward in this journey. Positive energy makes this process a lot easier!

Tip 4: Don’t compare yourself to others. As I mentioned in tip 2 we are original, we can’t compare ourselves to other people’s body or lifestyle. Live your best life and do things that make you happy. I often find my self down in dumps comparing myself to others so I have to stop and reevaluate “why am I doing this?” This person isn’t better than me because they have abs or a chiseled chest. I’m just as awesome as anyone else because I’m me and being you is the most pure thing we can be.

Tip 5: Keep moving forward. The road the body confidence is different for everyone the same two people are not going to share the same tale on this path. It may be long, bumpy and full of dark areas and someones else maybe the exact opposite and that’s okay. Just keep loving yourself, wear what makes you feel happy, have positive people in your corner and DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!

Follow these tips and the rest will fall in place! Much love to you all and remember #StyleHasNoSize!

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