Southern Excellence


Being from the South I have learned a lot of things that have taken pretty far in life. Southern prep brands have always been around to help fill that void in fashion! Southern fashion is unique cause it’s classic, colorful and crisp! We may live in the “bible belt” and practice blue laws where you can’t buy anything but food before 1:30 on Sundays. Southern women are simply the best, southern food is simply imitated everywhere and southern fashion is definitely an influence for brands like Ralph Lauren, Todd Snyder and Lilly Pulitzer. This outfit is the epitome of southern excellence navy blazer, light blue oxford, khaki shorts and plain toe oxfords!! You can’t ever go wrong with this look!


Top 8

nd (140)I have been blogging for almost five months now and it has been quite the roller-coaster attempting to post every day of the week! I officially have over one hundred post of various stylings, looks and reviews for your viewing pleasure and leisure! I have decided to take it back to “MySpace” days and narrow these one hundred posts into my favorite top 8! So without further a do here they are!

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Dressy White Denim

nd (102)Indochino Essential Navy Blazer | J. Crew Factory Oxford Shirt | Levi’s White Denim

Yes, you can dress white denim up! It’s best to wear this on a Friday to work or even on the weekend when going out. Women love white denim on men, especially when they wear it well with confidence. We can all thank the Italians for bringing this white denim look to the U.S., other wise we would still be stuck in acid wash! Nothing wrong with acid wash it’s just hard to be versatile wearing that often. You can pair this with any color oxford or dress shirt and blazer. Just be sure that the two don’t clash (meaning you don’t want to wear a green shirt with an orange blazer), try to keep it simple but daring at the same time. Remember that your jeans are white so you pretty much are already styling just don’t over do it! Have fun and experiment with some combinations when dressing up 🙂

Comment your thoughts on dressing up white denim! I would love to hear your feedback!
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