I remember being a trendsetter from when I was in middle school! I took one of my Dad’s shiny night at the Roxbury type of polo and wore it in the 7th grade. EVERYONE wanted the same shirt but it was a Vintage Liz Claiborne shirt and they did not make them anymore. I knew ever since that point that I had to influence to be a trendsetter. I was wearing things at my school wayyyyyy before other guys were.

I would often even get teased for being myself and having my own style. I loved who I was and what I represented which was 100% realness. I have always been an advocate for being the best version of yourself no matter what others may or may not think about you! I say this because I mean it, be you and be confident……be a trendsetter! #ModernGentleman


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However Dapper

Accessories can be anyone’s however. What’s a however you ask? It’s that one thing that makes you unique or different from anyone else. I believe nice accessories can turn an outfit around and help you feel good about yourself. A well tailored suit is nice but what’s a suit without a nice pair of shoes, watch and some shades?! These type of accessories can take a look from 9 to 1000!

Always remember details matter more than you think! When you look good you feel good, when you feel good you do good and when you do good we all WIN! That’s the motto 🙂


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Parrot Head

Y’all this outfit is by far one of my favorites I have worn. This shirt is from one of my monthly boxes from Stitch Fix men, my stylist looked at my Instagram. While looking she saw a picture of me feeding two parrots at the zoo. So she put this parrot printed shirt in my Fix, needless to say it fits me and my style.

I love these green wingtips! I rarely get to wear them because they are my BOOM statement shoe. Every man should have at least one of those! Just so you can style stunt and wake some folks up with color 🙂


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Plum Rain

Happy Monday you all! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some style content on here, but never to fear I’m back in the blogosphere. I know many guys are shy when it comes to wearing color especially purples, pinks, greens and reds. It clearly takes a confident individual to wear these items with style, so how do you become more comfortable wearing such items?

I suggest going with darker hues of the colors you’re timid to try. Pictured I’m wearing a dark plum suit, it can give the impression of grey or sometimes a navyish depending on how the light touches it. When you go for a darker hue of the color you’re not comfortable with, you are slowly gaining that self confidence it takes to eventually wear those bright red nantucket pants or masters green blazer! Everything great takes time, remember that. Self love is all about time, don’t rush it and enjoy the journey. #MotivationMonday


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