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Acid Wash Denim Shirt | Chubbies ‘Mericas Short | Americana Sunglasses | Silvergrands

Americana refers to items produced in the U.S. and/or thought to be typical of the U.S. or its culture. Nothing says Americana like an acid wash denim shirt, American flag shorts, Americana themed sunglasses and Cole Haan “Silver” Lunargrands which were influenced by Jim Lovell (Captain of Apollo 13). The Americana themed sunglasses are a huge hit right now among the fashion world, these blue aviators are made by Sunglass Warehouse! This company offers a HUGE selection of sunglasses all under the price of $20, now that is unbeatable! Browsing through their site will see a wide variety of shades to fit your personal preference. They have styles that come polarized, mirrored, wayfarer, round, aviator and etc. If you can’t find a pair of sunglasses there then you probably shouldn’t own any *joking-serious face*. This Spring and Summer you need to protect your eyes when driving, walking or relaxing at the beach/pool. Help me to help you go to Sunglass Warehouse and purchase some sunglasses to look stylish while staying squint free 🙂
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St. Pete Graffiti

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nd (100)J. Crew Shirt | Chubbies Shorts | Cole Haan Lunargrands

Last Friday I was in St. Petersburg (Florida) to see the Tampa Bay Rays take on the New York Yankees! Before that my wife and I went to the Salvador Dali Art museum to see Andy Warhol’s exhibit titled Art. Fame. Mortality. It was an amazing experience seeing his work, I felt his presence in the room filled with over 100 pieces of his work. I walked through the exhibit at least three different times to soak in the reality of what I was seeing. Warhol, Haring and Dali are all my favorite artists. It was pleasuring to see photos of Warhol, Dali and Haring during that time period. They all lived in new York at the time and hung out occasionally, this amazed me while also giving me a “soul shifting” vision of how they lived their lives during this radical artist era! After leaving the museum I went to this awesome Cuban restaurant called “Bodega” and the food was DELICIOUS!!! After leaving there we attempted to find parking for the Ray’s game, which was pretty difficult. While driving around looking for a decent place to park I stumbled upon this bright-colored graffiti wall. I instantly thought great place for pictures! And here is the final result, all in all it was a great day filled with Warhol, Cuban food, and a Ray’s triumph comeback win!

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Floridian Floral

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nd (94)J. Crew Shirt *similar* | Chubbies Vice Shorts | Aviator Polarized Sunglasses

The weather in Venice (Florida) was amazing, it was warm with a slight beach wind. I enjoyed wearing shorts for a week, it gave me a preview to Summer! I’m looking forward to returning in July for some more beach time. It seems that floral patterns are popular in Venice, everyone from young men to elderly women were spotted in some type of floral pattern. After experiencing Venice’s shopping mecca I came to the conclusion that they love patterns and flow-y top/bottoms. The fashion seemed more about being comfortable rather than looking good which I’m all for but I love looking good and being comfortable! My biggest piece of advice is never sacrifice comfort for fashion. Find something that works for you and rock it! You are the artist and your clothes are the medium so make a masterpiece for the world to see!

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Clearwater Chic

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nd (64)J. Crew Shirt *similar* | Chubbies Shorts | Cole Haan Lunargrands *similar*

This past week I traveled to the great ole warm state of Florida for Spring break! While we were there my wife ran her first half marathon! She did a FANTASTIC job, not only did she meet her goal by finishing in under two hours she also finished 13 out of 124 in her age group! She trained her ASS off for that race and I could not be a more proud husband being married to an Iron Girl 🙂

Clearwater is a very beautiful calm place, spending two days there for my wife’s race was fun. We got to explore the different Clearwater cites and also ate at the famous Frenchie’s! It’s safe to say I miss the sun and beach already, stay tuned this week for more Summer inspired posts to get you ready for that hot weather coming soon!
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