Nineteen Eighty Eight

nd (220)Acid Wash Denim Shirt | Chubbies Shorts | Cole Haan Lunargrands

The year 1988 was a fun year and time for music and fashion. People love throwing 80’s parties and listening to 80’s music. A lot of the trends from that time are coming back with a vengeance nowadays! Acid wash, above the knee shorts for men, wayfarers, aviators, neon colored clothing and high-waisted pants for women. This is a perfect opportunity to time travel back to ’88 and live life carefree. As the Cool Kids put it “do the smurf, do the wop, baseball bat…..rooftop, like I’m bringing ’88 back”.
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4th Of July & 100th Blog Post

nd (34)Happy 4th of July everyone!!! Today I have two reasons to celebrate one being the obvious it’s Americas birthday!! And two this my 100th blog post!! Yes, you heard that correctly. I am so proud that I have stayed dedicated to blogging. My wife has taken pictures of me over 100 times! Without her help and support this wouldn’t even have been possible she is the legs to this whole operation! Thank you all for your support and love! I appreciate everyone for viewing, following and sharing my blog! I hope you all have a great 4th and enjoy your time off! #fourthofjuly #mericasbday
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nd (19)Today is my last day on the Daufuskie Island and I have had a blast while on vacation. This Island has some of the best burgers and pulled pork sandwiches I have ever eaten! I will miss the sweet smell of their fresh salt water, the laid back workers and locals and the perfect weather. I decided to go down and enjoy the beach one last time and this is what I wore……

Keith Haring Tank Top *similar* | Chubbies Pregames | Ray-Ban Wayfarer (X-Large)
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nd (147)Acid Wash Denim Shirt | Chubbies ‘Mericas Short | Americana Sunglasses | Silvergrands

Americana refers to items produced in the U.S. and/or thought to be typical of the U.S. or its culture. Nothing says Americana like an acid wash denim shirt, American flag shorts, Americana themed sunglasses and Cole Haan “Silver” Lunargrands which were influenced by Jim Lovell (Captain of Apollo 13). The Americana themed sunglasses are a huge hit right now among the fashion world, these blue aviators are made by Sunglass Warehouse! This company offers a HUGE selection of sunglasses all under the price of $20, now that is unbeatable! Browsing through their site will see a wide variety of shades to fit your personal preference. They have styles that come polarized, mirrored, wayfarer, round, aviator and etc. If you can’t find a pair of sunglasses there then you probably shouldn’t own any *joking-serious face*. This Spring and Summer you need to protect your eyes when driving, walking or relaxing at the beach/pool. Help me to help you go to Sunglass Warehouse and purchase some sunglasses to look stylish while staying squint free 🙂
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