Style Over Fashion

Fashion to me is nothing but a bunch of senseless trends that come and go with the voices of “fashion” society. Style on the other hand is something tangible, it defines who we are as people. Our style of dress, style of cooking, style of talking and more. Style is forever, I have always lived by the motto “clothes have sizes but style does not”. Meaning anyone at any age and size can have style! Own your style, be confident in who you are and what you represent in this world. There is clothing out there for everyone, what we do with it and how we wear it… style. I like for my clothing to fit a certain way to flatter my body type. I have short arms and legs (29 inch inseam) so I often have to get a 30 inch inseam and get them altered to fit my style. That’s okay, unfortunately we don’t live in an era anymore where clothing was made for our bodies. It’s more of a “fast fashion” type of industry, still don’t let that stop you from looking your best. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, that’s you and that’s style! #StyleHasNoSize 🙂


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Concrete Safari


Wearing denim on denim can be hard for some guys to pull off but I have a little secret. The secret to pulling this off is to wear two different denims, here I have on a rugged medium/light wash jean jacket and grey denim jeans. What this does is break up the denim into two separate pieces. We have all heard of the term Canadian tuxedo but truth is you can look stylish in one. Also keep in mind when you are sporting denim on denim always choose a solid colored shirt! A solid colored shirt helps break up the denims as well, the shoes can go anyway from dressy to casual. That all depends on what you’re feeling at the moment. For me, I decided to go with my new Zebra Yeezy 350 V2’s, I was so happy to win these in a giveaway. Some of us get lucky with the Yeezy and some don’t. I personally can attest to how difficult it is to get a pair of these gems but when you get them it feels awesome! Don’t be afraid to rock a Canadian tuxedo……just keep in mind the advice I mentioned above and you will be A OKAY!! 🙂


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Leather Weather


Today’s leather forecast is black with a 90% chance of style. Something about a leather jacket makes me feel so cool like James Dean, it can transform you from average to a bad ass instantly. Leather jacket, denim, boots and sunglasses are ALWAYS a hit…when in doubt always use that combination it will never fail you. Leather jackets can’t be worn everyday you need to break them out for special occasions or rare days so when you do rock it it’s a bit of a shocker (in a good way). Despite your size or how you think you look wear a leather jacket and if you don’t have enough cash flow to purchase a real one it’s totally okay to rock a faux leather jacket! Who gives a shit and people that do care tell them it’s none of their business, never worry about what the next man is doing. Do you and do you to the best. Screw everything else, love yourself, ignore the haters and wear what makes YOU feel confident! All day 🙂 #LeatherForAllSizes


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