nd (74)I’m leaving town today and heading to Chattanooga, TN to visit my in-laws. On our way there we are stopping in the historic city Asheville, NC! I absolutely love Asheville and it’s eclecticness, there is now place in the world like it. As I travel my day away with the beautiful ladies in my life smiling and laughing I’m reminded to cherish the little things in life and always be grateful for what I have! Today is a lovely day to be alive and here’s what I’m wearing…….

Gap Short Sleeve Oxford | Chubbies Shorts | Gap Slip On Sneakers
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nd (77)
nd (72)


  1. Nicole Mecham July 15, 2014

    Love the shoes and watch! Nice combination!!

  2. diana scholz July 17, 2014

    Love those shorts! I am so happy that above the knee shorts are trending now, they look SO much better then baggy below the knee!

  3. Jenn Erin October 7, 2014

    Great outfit – simple but still very fashionable!


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